Copper Chic(ish); My Summer Makeup




Hello everyone! Hope your week has been going well so far. I have been so lazy lately, but I don’t regret it AT ALL. I have worn pretty much the same makeup look everyday this month- which just goes to show exactly how unmotivated I am. But, it works so why change a good thing?

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Road Trip; Oregon Edition

Recently, my husband and I took off for a week to Oregon for our anniversary (8 years together!!) and IT WAS AWESOME! Let me tell you what! They may be rainy over on the Oregon coast, but the people are freakin’ swell, the beer is amazing, and the scenery ain’t so bad either. Come and take a peep!


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Maybelline Leather Color Tattoos!

Being the oily-skinned gal that I am, I often find myself picking up new cream shadows because of their amazing staying power. My need to have a vast army of differing cream shadows borders on obsessive so, suffice it to say that my experience with them has made me picky. Cue the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They are affordable, come in a multitude of colors, and last all day on my oily lids. Sounds like the shiz, right? Right! Well, I’m a little late to the Leather bandwagon but I picked up two and excitedly wore them every day since.

Left: Vintage Plum Right: Chocolate Suede

Left: Vintage Plum Right: Chocolate Suede

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The Perfect Barbie Pink Polish? Hells yes!

In this month’s Julep Maven box I received ‘Vicki’ and immediately fell head over heels. The moment I peeped it beneath the shredded paper in the box, I tore it open and hastily put it on my nails. The need for a brightened pink for summer was driving me crazy but the moment this touched my nails…Ahhhh, that’s better! I think my life is now complete.


To me, this is the perfect Barbie pink. The formula is creamy and can be difficult to work with so put it on in a couple of thin layers and you’re good to go! It compliments any outfit and I can honestly say that I don’t need another summer pink polish…for now. ;-)

Any summer polishes you were/are dying for? Do tell!

The Perfect Pair!


Matching cheeks and lips has always been intriguing to me but I honestly never try very hard at it. The thought process behind pairing lip and cheek colors is very minimal- I generally have a pinky cheek and rosy lip. Lately though, I’ve discovered the magic that is coordinating the two and I am in love with the outcome. The duo I’ve been wearing constantly for the last few weeks comes from Clinique. The Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in 13 Mighty Mimosa and the Cheek Pop blush in 02 Peach Pop. While these are not twin colors by any means, they are two products that compliment each other perfectly!

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Favorite Summer Polishes!


NYC Pink Promenade was a complete and delightful surprise. This pretty little baby cost me 99 cents and is one of my favorite all around polishes. It’s a darkened flamingo pink that just screams summer and looks phenomenal against my pale skin. Covergirl Go-Go Mango is a bright, true orange that is a great staple for anyone’s polish collection. I have several of the Covergirl outlast nail polishes and am constantly impressed with the formula on everyone I’ve tried. Wet N Wild Blazed is a gorgeous coral that I wear at least once a month during warmer weather months. And then I’ve rounded my oranges/corals/pinks love parade out with a soft sky blue; Sally Hansen Barracuda, which I got in this month’s Influenster box. I have worn strictly this polish since I got it a couple weeks ago and could not recommend it enough as something of a ‘palette cleanser’ from screaming brights, when you need something soft and girly but still slightly out-of-the-ordinary. All of these polishes have awesome creamy formulas that wear well, particularly with a nice top coat over them.


Tell me what your favorite summer polishes are!

My Lips But Better; 4 Natural Looking Lipsticks


Hello everyone and thanks for stopping in! I’m extremely excited today because we bought a bird feeder yesterday and started our herb garden as well. It’s the little things, I tell ya! Anyway, Spring has sprung here where I live and I’ve been reaching more and more for my more natural looking lip colors. Here are my four picks for a My Lips But Better (MLBB) look. Enjoy!

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