My Lips But Better; 4 Natural Looking Lipsticks


Hello everyone and thanks for stopping in! I’m extremely excited today because we bought a bird feeder yesterday and started our herb garden as well. It’s the little things, I tell ya! Anyway, Spring has sprung here where I live and I’ve been reaching more and more for my more natural looking lip colors. Here are my four picks for a My Lips But Better (MLBB) look. Enjoy!

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2014 Blogger Challenge; The Best Sunday Morning Breakfast


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Hey everyone! Don’t these little babies look delicious? They are, but mine weren’t so aesthetically pleasing. ┬áThese mini German pancakes are my favorite lazy Sunday morning breakfast. They’re easy to make and look fancy too. Win, win!

My Grammy used to make these and called them ‘Hootenannies’, which, as I found out, are a bit different but I continue to call these Hootenannies because it’s fun to say :P

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Pink and Purple Eyeshadows!

fullgroupDo you ever catch yourself doing the same makeup look day after day? Normally, I’m more of a bronze/nude eyeshadow type of gal but lately…I don’t know. I think the Spring bug got me and I just can’t shake it. Pinks and purples have been reigning supreme on my eyeballs (lids, rather) recently and I feel no shame.

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The Perfect Coral Blush



Ok, I have to admit that I’m a huge coral blush fanatic. I have coral blushers coming out of my ears. This Maybelline Master Glaze blush stick in Coral Sheen is something special. It’s got fabulous, creamy formula that just won’t quit. The color is, as you will see, so pretty it will make the clouds open up and the sun shine on you any day you wear this. You think I’m joking? I’m not. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little- but I never joke.

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It’s Almost Spring! Time For Some Maybelline Vivids

groupThe other day, I suddenly had a profound longing for something bold and bright to wear on my lips. My makeup drawer is utterly lacking in anything that might be described as either of those things. So, off to the drugstore! These drew my attention right away with their screaming orange, translucent packaging.

Random side note; these smell like Barbie. You know that sweet, plastic-y smell of a brand new Barbie? Yeah…

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Something New…and Slightly Scary.

We all have that moment. The one single moment that is instrumental in changing your life or the way you think. It is not necessary earth-shattering. It can be a quiet whisper in the back of your mind that plays like static on the brain. It can be white noise that suddenly shifts to something more apparent. For me, it is a gradual thing. I tend to bounce from one idea to the next according to what strikes my fancy. Now that I am rooting myself to Elementary Education, I feel the panic and doubt rising in my throat like a putrid sickness. Not a great visual, I know.

The meeting for the program is today at 3:30 PM and I guess I just needed to post my inner struggle here.

I am sure that there are many who might benefit from me documenting my collegiate journey as an older student, at (ahem) twenty-five years old, so I intend on doing so once a week (more or less…).

Anyone else struggling with going back to school or changing your goals in life?



I’m Feelin’ Rosy…Rose Gold Makeup

20140304_0002Hey everyone! It was sunny today, can you believe it? We had about a month straight of cloudy gloominess so this is a welcome surprise. Today’s post is indicative of the makeup I’ve been wearing lately. I didn’t really even notice that it was all rose gold until a couple days ago! I can be so dim. Anyway, I figured I would put together a post of my favorite rose gold makeup that I’ve been wearing lately. Hope you enjoy :).

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